Chapter Board Letter 2012

Message from Executive Director Jeff Farlow                          (Photo Album)

On January 12th the Board of Directors for the 7x24 Exchange Carolinas Chapter met to discuss upcoming business, plans for the 2012 year; give a warm thanks to Board Members rolling off of the board and welcome new members that are joining one of the fast growing organizations of Data Center Professionals in the US.

 It takes a lot of dedication to start an organization but more importantly, it takes quality people to make it sustainable. When a group of Carolinians which included David Knight, Robin Aron and others started discussing the notion of "waking up" the Carolinas Chapter, we were cautioned that it would be easy to get people to the first meeting but increasingly difficult to make them repeat visitors. We should all be very proud of the fact that our registration for our group meetings continues to book to sell out in a shorter and shorter period of time.

 None of this could have been accomplished without the hard work and dedication of the board members that have fulfilled their time of service. Jeremy Zupp with Primary Integration, John Geib with Duke Energy, Hans Weinburg with ABB and Ellis Zaytoun with the State of NC. All participated in making our organization a stronger place for exchange and all are to be congratulated on their exemplary service to the organization. It should be our hope that they continue to serve this organization with the same zeal that they exhibited on the board.

 Our new board members are Bob Proko with Infocrossing, Bill League with Google, Jeff Shaver with Carolinas Healthcare, Michael Mow with Time Warner and Sam Brick with American Express. We look forward to working closer with these end users to continue to establish an organization that brings real value to its membership as a safe place for exchange of ideas and processes that provide for a dependable platform for existing and new Data Center development in the Carolinas.

David Knight with Integrated Power Solutions, chair of the membership committee, offered a report that indicated we now have over 134 member companies which is an 85% increase from our 2011 member numbers. This is not an incidental increase but one as a result of separate strategy meetings by the membership committee to consider ways to increase our group's members. Great job to all that have worked and continue to work on programs to increase these numbers.

Another exciting activity reported to the board was the establishment of a legislative committee. Raul Peralta with ECS discussed how this committee will provide information on proposed and pending legislation as it pertains to our members.

Paul Marcou with BB&T provided a report on the progress of the Education Committee in North and South Carolina. This initiative provides scholarship funding to support a Mission Critical Operator curriculum through the community college system in the Carolinas.

Our keynote speaker was John Williams, NC Assistant Secretary of Energy. Mr. Williams oversees the N.C. Energy Office, the state's weatherization program and Energy Policy Council. He spoke of the future of energy sources in the Carolinas and provided a broad overview of the current and future state of the energy deliverable. His comments about alternative energy opportunities in the Carolinas were of particular interest to the board, as many are participants in energy initiatives in their individual companies.

 All in all, it was a positive and productive meeting and if it is a bell weather of our 2012 success, I think that we should look forward to an informative and exciting year of activities. Finally, my advice to all of our members is "get involved in our chapter". Our president Tom Jacobik with Apple is an incredible leader who has a reputation of putting a team together to maximize results. I can promise you that you will be a more informed end user, consultant, or vendor as a result of personal integration into this organization.
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