Build the Best and They Will Come

The Carolinas chapter of 7×24 Exchange has experienced phenomenal membership growth since its inception in 2010. In 2012, membership soared by 85% over the previous year. We sat down with Membership Committee Chair David Knight, CEO of Integrated Power Systems, to find out why mission critical enterprises are flocking to the chapter and why you should too.

Casting the Net for Future Mission Critical Workers
When Paul Marcoux attends national industry conferences, he says he’s “amazed at the amount of white hair he sees.” As education committee chair for the Carolinas chapter of 7×24, he’s well aware of the need for young people to enter the field. Thousands of people are retiring from mission critical jobs. Yet there has been a decline in workers entering fundamental trades over the past 15 years. Paul, who is senior vice president for mission critical services for BB&T, estimates that five years from now, much of the talent will be gone. This leaves a void, and Paul is happy to accept the challenge of trying to fill it.

7×24: A Forum You Can’t Find Anywhere Else
Thomas Jacobik is operations manager of global data centers with Apple. But he’s wearing the hat of president of the Carolinas chapter of 7×24 today in welcoming readers to this premier edition of the Exchange newsletter. Tom works for one of the top companies in the world, but he gains from the information exchange that only 7×24 can provide. If you are looking for best practices and trusted review of new trends, 7×24 is the place to go.