Overheard at the Winter Meeting

The sold-out winter meeting of Carolionas 7X24 Exchange provided members and attendees a great platform for learning, exchange, networking, and a good time. Three presentations: Commoditizing the Data Center, Distributed Generation for the Mission Critical Industry, and Smart Grid in the Data Center gave attendees important information about these hot topics.

What did those in attendance think of the experience? Here’s what some of them have to say.

Rob Hughes, account manager with WESCO/CSC, says he’s “been attending the 7X24

Carolinas chapter meetings for several years now. The meeting topics always seem to be on point for issues and concerns relating to mission critical readiness, plus it’s a great place to network and share ideas.”

“The opportunity to network with leaders in the mission-critical space was extremely valuable,” says Manja Thessin, senior manager at AFL Network Services. “The content shared in the presentations and the panel discussion were engaging and offered a wealth of information that is very relevant to my role in the industry. It is quite the experience to share the room with so many bright individuals who are passionate about what they do.”

PCX Corporation’s Dean Di Lillo “enjoyed the topics and the networking. I am in the modular

data center space and there is a lot of interest.”


Critical Facilities Project Management Manager and Vice President for Wells Fargo Corporate Properties Amy Landis enjoys “the

opportunity the 7X24 chapter meetings provide to reconnect with faces and names of industry subject matter experts as well as connect with new vendors.” She explains that during a break, she and “a coworker introduced ourselves to someone we hadn’t met. Turns out that the business this individual provides is something we are truly interested in and need to learn more about.”

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