Pass it On!

If you’re getting this newsletter, chances are you already know about the benefits of membership in the Carolinas 7x24 Exchange. So why not do your friends and colleagues a favor and pass this issue on to non-members who will appreciate this organization as much as you do?

Our chapter’s goal is to improve end-to-end reliability by promoting dialog among those who design, build, and maintain mission critical enterprises and informational infrastructures.
You can be certain that 7x24 Exchange will keep your company informed about the many new developments taking place in the rapidly changing world of uninterruptible systems and infrastructures. Membership allows you and your fellow employees to learn new ideas, attend informative workshops, hear challenging speakers, and make meaningful contacts.

The professional and technical presentations delivered at the 7x24 Carolinas chapter meetings generally qualify as professional development hours (PDHs) or continuing education units (CEUs), which certifying boards require to maintain certification(s). To help our chapter members with this, we provide PDH tracking forms to document required information such as the type of activity, title or specific subject, sponsoring organization, location, duration, date, instructor's or speaker's name, and PDH credits earned. The form makes for easy inclusion in the attendee’s PDH tracking log and provides supporting evidence to satisfy the self-reporting requirements of the certification boards (e.g., State of North Carolina Board of Examiners).

Chapter member benefits Include:

  • exclusive presentations from data center industry experts;
  • industry updates on the green grid and green building;
  • chapter members forum with exclusive white papers;
  • discounted rates for meetings and conferences;
  • tours of state-of-the-art data centers and critical facilities; and
  • free membership for government, media, and students.
So please share this newsletter and help grow the Carolinas 7x24 Exchange. Additional information about joining is at

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