Farewell To Board Member Paul Marcoux


The Carolinas chapter of 7X24 has said farewell to one of its most industrious members, Paul Marcoux. At the 2016 board of director’s meeting, 7X24 National Chairman and CEO Bob Cassliano (at right in photo) presented Paul with an outstanding service award and paid special tribute to him, saying that he has “offered wise council to the board and chapter as it has grown,” and that “he is a large part of our success.”

Paul’s 40-plus-year career spanned entrepreneurial, executive mission critical, and IT positions in the financial, technology, and healthcare sectors. His most recent position as senior vice president of mission critical services for BB&T saw him design and construct the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly data center on the Eastern seaboard. Prior to that, he served as vice president of green engineering and founder of the Cisco Systems Sustainability Science Center. As Cisco’s “Green Czar,” Paul drove the company’s green initiatives both internally and globally, as well as overseeing production of three data centers and 2,200 global research laboratories.

A much-sought-after expert and speaker, Paul has written numerous articles and two books, and given interviews to top outlets including PC World, CNET, and the New York Times. In 2009, Paul was formally recognized by the United Nations International Telecommunication Union for his efforts in information and communication technologies and climate change.

Paul’s dedication and contribution to the Carolinas 7X24 chapter has been stellar. While chairing the education committee, Paul shepherded the Mission Critical Operator initiative, resulting in a $23 million grant to the North Carolina community college system to develop a curriculum and degree program for students entering the mission critical field. This program has been so successful that it is being replicated in many other parts of the country. Paul says that leading a dynamic, multi-disciplined team to achieve this has been his most valued career accomplishment.

Everyone in the Carolinas 7X24 chapter thanks Paul for his outstanding work for the group and in the mission critical field. They would also like to wish Paul and his wife the very best in their future travels and adventures.



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Robin Aron speaks at the Carolinas 7x24 Exchange winter meeting.
Carolinas 7x24 Exchange Executive Vice President Sheila Molino speaks at the 2015 winter meeting.