7x24 Carolinas Safety Policy

It is the policy of the 7X24 Exchange Carolinas Chapter (“Chapter”) and the responsibility of its Board and all of its Member to maintain all meetings, events, and other functions free from misconduct, threats and acts of violence. The Chapter will work to provide a safe “space” for Members and Visitors to all events. Each Member, and everyone with whom we come into contact at our events, deserves to be treated with courtesy and respect.


The Chapter does not tolerate any conduct by the executive committee, board members or its chapter members that could be interpreted or reported as derogatory, threatening, violent, or sexually suggestive toward any chapter member or guest. The Chapter further asserts that no member of the executive committee, the chapter board and all of the chapter members will be permitted to participate in any future chapter events or chapter leadership positions if they are identified as conducting any derogatory, threatening, violence, or sexually suggestive conduct while representing the Carolinas 7x24 chapter.

Prohibited Conduct

The list of behaviors, while not exhaustive, provides examples of conduct that is prohibited:

  • Causing physical injury to another person.
  • Making threatening remarks.
  • Acting out in an aggressive or hostile manner that creates a reasonable fear of injury to another
  • person or subjects another individual to emotional distress.
  • Intentionally damaging Member/Visitor property or property of another Member/Visitor.
  • Possessing a weapon while at any Chapter events or while on Chapter business.
  • Making sexually suggestive comments, gestures, or advances.

Reporting Procedures

  • Any potentially dangerous situations must be reported immediately to an Executive Staff Board Member. Reports of any incident may be made anonymously and will be investigated accordingly. Reports or incidents warranting confidentiality will be handled appropriately and information will be disclosed to others only on a need-to-know basis. All parties involved in a situation will be contacted by the Executive Committee of the Board and the results of investigations will be discussed with them. The Chapter will take appropriate action at any indication of a potentially hostile or violent situation.

Risk Reduction Measures

While the Chapter does not expect Members and Visitors to be skilled at identifying potentially dangerous persons, Members and Visitors are expected to exercise good judgment and to inform the Executive Committee of the Board if any Member or Visitor exhibits behavior which could lead to a potentially dangerous situation. Such behavior includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Discussing dangerous weapons and/or bringing such weapons into events.

  • Displaying overt signs or extreme stress, resentment, hostility, or anger.

  • Making threatening or aggressive remarks.

  • Displaying irrational or inappropriate behavior.

Dangerous/Emergency Situations

Members or Visitors who confront or encounter an armed or dangerous person should not attempt to challenge or disarm the individual. Members and Visitors should remain calm and escalate the matter to the Executive Committee of the Board.


Threats, threatening conduct, or any other acts of aggression or violence at events will not be tolerated. Any Member or Visitor determined to have committed such acts will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination from the Chapter and all future events.

Non-Member engaged in violent acts at any events will be reported to the proper authorities and fully prosecuted.

The Chapter will have anonymous “whistle blower” process on the Chapter website for any Member or Visitor to report any event that has been stated in this policy.

Chapter Involvement and Commitment

  • Create policy of zero tolerance for event place violence, including verbal and nonverbal threats and related actions, or any form of harassment.

  • Ensure that Members and Visitors who report or experience event place violence or harassment will not experience retaliation of any kind.

  • Encourage Members and Visitors to promptly report incidents and suggest ways to reduce or eliminate risks.

  • Communicate to all Members and Visitors about the Chapter “Whistle Blower” process.

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